Hi there, i'm
Clément Bret

Analyst and Designer

I combine 2 strengths. A talent for finding hidden information and extracting insights from large data sets. And the ability to visually translate my work to convey meaning.

I have a deep love for strategy, data and innovation, coupled with 6+ years of education and professional experiences in multicultural settings.

Interested in job and project opportunities (Canada/EU/UK) in:

Data Analytics

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Mapping Calgary and its public transit system in 2040.

In an imaginary future, Calgary (Alberta, Canada) experiences fast population and economic growth and transforms into a “global city”. Following a sharp increase of demand for public transportation and in a context of mass transit revolution in North America, the light rail system of the city is upgraded with new extensions and lines. With a great dose of optimism, I envision how this light rail network could look like in 2040. The article also pushes a bit further by highlighting the potential of Calgary and the reasons why this city could matter internationally in two decades from now.

Agariopedia: a multiplayer online game encyclopedia.
discord api

Building a complete database for one of the most popular online games of the decade and then coding a bot to make the database interactive.
Using the discord API, and various Python3 modules such as numpy and pandas, we coded a tool that searches for certain data in the spreadsheets (specified by the user) and then outputs it as a Discord embed message.

Geoeconomics - Outlook on Malaysia and the Belt Road Initiative (BRI).

Despite early achievements, China's Belt and Road Iniative (BRI) has generated significant controversies and debate in Malaysia. After rewieving infrasructure developments in the country under the BRI, I explore concerns over long-term economic gains, unilateral benefits and the use of the initiative as a geopolitical tool for China to achieve regional hegemony.

Building my own website from scratch.

With no prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I decided to self-teach these languages in order to build my own site (without using any website builder or templates). After starting to learn in early January 2023, it took me only 2 weeks to conceive a fully optimized one-page website with advanced functionalities and jQuery scripts.

About me

I hail from Paris, France but I was also fortunate to live in the United States, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada and South Korea. The beauty of my hometown never ceases to amaze me but my sweet spot is Calgary and the peaceful Canadian Rockies.

Creation is my main driver in life, hence I dedicate much of my spare time to learning new concepts and skills, capturing landscapes and motion with my camera and giving life to pixels with Illustrator. Other than that, you will often find me trying to go fast on a bike or hiking cool mountains.

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